Focusing on Success

As a writer, I am always interested in hearing what other creative people do to get themselves in the mood. No, not for that — I would rather not know — unless, perhaps, it would make for a funny story. On second thought, I would rather not know. No, I am talking about project mode.… Keep Reading

Writer’s Digest Writing Website of the Week – July 27, 2012

Yesterday, Brian Klems, online editor for Writers Digest magazine, notified me via Twitter that Vox Laurus has been named the magazine’s Writing Website of the Week. Yay! That was some nice news to get to end my week. If you go to and scroll down, you will see the announcement and the snapshot of… Keep Reading

S-U-C-C-E-S-S, That’s The Way We…

Sorry, got a little carried away. I’m just really excited about the launch of this blog. It’s the product of several weeks’ worth of work so far. I’m really impressed by the people I’ve interviewed — such intelligent, creative professionals — and am grateful for their time. I also appreciate the trust they’ve placed in… Keep Reading

A Screenwriter’s Secrets to Success: In-Depth with Chad Damiani

Chad Damiani is a screenwriter working out of Los Angeles. Along with his writing partner JP Lavin, Chad has written and/or developed feature films and television projects for Robert Zemeckis, Brett Ratner, Bryan Singer, Eli Roth and others. He also performs longform improv with CAT BATH! — the house team for a bimonthly show called… Keep Reading

On Success in Writing and Editing: A Q&A with Chuck Sambuchino

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing editor and writer, Chuck Sambuchino. Chuck knows a thing or two about working hard to make his way through a competitive industry. He works for Writer’s Digest Books and edits two annual resource guides — the GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS as well as the CHILDREN’S WRITER’S & ILLUSTRATOR’S… Keep Reading

Getting MAD, Finding Success: An Interview with Writer Don Vaughan

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to conduct a telephone interview with veteran freelance writer, Don Vaughan. Besides having 35 years’ experience as a professional writer, Don is also the founder of Triangle Area Freelancers (TAF), a North Carolina-based networking organization comprised of professional nonfiction writers. I met Don through my membership with… Keep Reading

Why An Interview Blog?

A few people have asked me why I decided to start an interviewing blog, as opposed to a blog on writing or editing, since that’s my thing. Well, I am revamping my freelance writing business blog, but I plan on keeping it focused on just that. Plus there are a lot of writing and editing… Keep Reading

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